imag0284We returned to Sighisoara on September 16 and life is much the same here as it was when we left in May.  My thoughts today, however, are not about our time here.  This morning was the morning after the debates those of you in the U.S. observed.  I’m guessing it would be impossible for any of you to not have heard a little about it.  This morning I sat alone in the Church on the Hill. (The building at the top of the hill in this picture.) This church is my sanctuary from the chaos of everyday life.  As I sat and looked at the 500-year-old building, I thought about the many souls who have passed through this building.  First, the Catholics, then Lutherans worshiped in this space.  Reformation, wars, communism and many more events I’m totally unaware of changed the lives of the entire community.  For as awful as many of those events were, life went on.  The building hosts the memory of the past.

Hope … we are here because there is hope in our Creator and our Creator has us in His hands.  As I think about how awful the outcome might be in this election cycle I can only hope that as we move on life will be sustained and we will not need to worry about which party rules and where the new president will take the country.  The country will survive … it may take awhile to move forward, but just as this church has stood for hundreds of years, so will a people who work for good and have a better vision for what we can be.

Today I’m happy that I can be here and reflect … away from the chaos of the media and politicking in the U.S.  I don’t know what the result of the election will be in November but I know I can work for justice and hope where I’m at … just as all of us can, wherever we are.