There have been many “Romanian” days but this one is right up there with the best.  The day started off calm enough, leaving for Tigmandru at 8:40 because the table saw was to arrive soon after 9:00.  Already you know — it didn’t come then.  For the next two and a half hours three-year-old Patrick who lives next door to the shop taught me the fine skill of cracking walnuts by stepping on them.  He kept bringing them to me to crack.

I did some work in the shop while waiting and started the fire since it was in the low 60’s.  Being curious I went outside to check the smoke coming out of the chimney … it wasn’t.  Smoke was coming out through the tiles and around the base of the chimney but not where it was supposed to come out.  It was plugged from birds making their home there.  I talked to Marius (who lives next door) using the best Romanian I had and said “fire” and he came running.  Told me what was going on and that we’d clean it out tomorrow.

20161003_113502In the meantime, 11 by now, Marius asked what was happening and I said I was waiting for the table saw to be delivered.  He said we should call the trucker – so we did.  He was “ten minutes” away.  Right, you know he didn’t arrive in ten minutes.  So about 40 minutes later he stopped on the opposite s20161003_113750ide of the road from the shop.  You need to know the road through Tigmandru is like a race track.  We eventually got across the road after a police van with lights blazing and a horse cart and many cars came by.

So now the saw is out behind the shop waiting for the technician to take it apart so we can get it through the door.  The door is 76 cm and the saw is 76 cm.  Actually, it’s 76 cm if you don’t count the rod that changes the angle of the blade … with that it’s 80 cm.  You do the math.

The technician is com20161003_114225ing at 2:00 … RIIIIIGHT.  In the meantime it’s time for lunch so I walk the half mile to the store and buy a hunk of salami, cheese, bread and a Fanta.  It was quite tasty.  I had a little left so I fed the shop guard dogs.

After lunch I went to pick up Atila at my regular time – 1 p.m.  After waiting an unusually long time for him – he’s always right there when I come – I find out he’s in the hospital and pretty sick but I don’t really get the full story.  I headed back to the shop and waited for Gabi.  When he arrived I had him call Magda and find out the story on Atila.  He is indeed sick but one story would have him back to work tomorrow and the other in 10 days.  I’ll find out tomorrow.

Gabi and I started working on projects and finished them just in time for the saw to arrive at 2:00.  Well, the saw arrived at 4:00.  The technician was also only 10 minutes away when he called and I waited in front of the shop and saw him blow right by.  He thought we were on the right side of the road.  He called, turned around and arrived.

20161003_163839By the time he took the saw apart and we figured it could fit through the door I knew he wasn’t going to finish in time for me to be at choir at 6.  Three and a half hours later the saw was installed.  All fences adjusted, sliding table works, electric checked out and we push the green button to start the saw….and you guessed correctly, it didn’t go on.  More rechecking and we discovered there is a safety on the back of the saw.  We adjust the nob … NOW the saw will work … wrong.  We find out that the switch has three positions.  We had it at the two that kept the saw from working.  Third time is a charm and we got it running!  By now it’s 7:10 and I completely missed choir rehearsal.

Home at 7:40 … hmm, that’s 11 hours from when I left this morning!  Supper waiting … thank you Sheri.