Dear Friends

20161225_155131A Christmas blessing to all of you!  We won’t recount the experiences of the past year because many of you already know what we’ve been doing from watching our Facebook posts. Your support for us is the best Christmas gift you could imagine.

We learn more and more every day how your prayers and and care for us miles and miles away is what gives us stability and the desire to keep doing what we are doing.

20161221_205442For some reason this Christmas seems more like Christmas than some of the others we have experienced.  The gifts we have received have been in the form of words … unexpected words … from people who we barely know.  One such person was a member of our adult choir.  He is a 76-year-old German man.   He came to choir a few times last September but then returned the first of November.  He speaks no Romanian so everything in rehearsal needed to be translated into German for him.  During our party after the concert this week he wanted to speak.  He said he’s sung all his life but was never able to sing in a “professional” group like our choir.  He’s not the best  singer in the choir but he has a warm heart.  He said his greatest gift this Christmas was being able to sing in the choir.  Sometimes we never know what the gifts are that we give to others and the gifts we receive are often ones we could never imagine.

jay-and-new-bedAnother Christmas gift this year was from the man for whom we made a bed (in the Tigmandru Woodshop).  When the final piece was delivered, I was offered a cup of tea and then a bag of gifts which included homemade zacusca (a vegetable spread which everyone here makes!), a tiny bottle of grape polinca (firewater), and a jar of pepper jam used to flavor meat.  These homemade offerings (and many others we’ve received) come from the heart of the giver.  We are happy to be the recipients.

Our gift to you this Christmas is a sampling of the Christmas music we were a part of this Advent season.  As with our experience with choirs in the past, the joy of making music together and seeing the joy in the faces of the choir members is a blessing.  We continue to enjoy the rich diversity of the adult choir and the joy of singing with children in the Sighisoara choir and in Tigmandru.  Six video clips from the Sighisoara choirs in performance on December 21 can be found on YouTube here:  RomanianNotesVideos.

May the gifts of love and friendship and the peace of God be yours this Christmas.  May the love of Jesus fill your hearts so much that you have strength to endure whatever may arise in your life and that you can share your love of Jesus with others.

Jay (and Sheri)